Monthly Global Expert Chat – Episode 3

The webinar will be delivered in English from 8:00PM to 9:15 on 26th May via Zoom.

Workplace expectations are changing. New work ideas need validating and can feel risky. Pilots and new methods to collect data on workplace satisfaction can help minimize that risk and help guide larger scale change. 

If the pandemic was a universally unplanned workplace change, the return to workplace is an opportunity for the most comprehensive planned workplace transformation. Today we’re at a crossroads, recalling our pre-pandemic work experience and hypothesizing what the future of work will be like post-pandemic.

  • How might we make a human centric, data rich evaluation of what people need to stay happy and engaged at work?
  • Will we go back to old work patterns and habits?
  • What do our employees want and expect in a workplace experience?

As organizations gear up for a post pandemic world, here’s how we can organize and pilot new ideas holistically on behalf of our most important workplace asset – Our People. In this session, Liz Burow will present the WHY and the WHAT of ‘A return to Workplace’ pilot program through case studies, lessons learned, tools and frameworks. 

In this session we will learn:

  • The new purpose of the workplace, the importance of guiding a post pandemic workplace experience transformation pilot program and the cost of doing something vs nothing.
  • The key components of a successful workplace experience pilot program including policies, behaviors, events & services, technology, space and wayfinding. 
  • The tools, technology, frameworks and lessons learned to guide a successful pilot. 
  • Establishing who the pilot program benefactors, and the cross functional team responsible for running and collecting data streams and acting on insights.
  • Establishing high impact, low difficulty implementation groups and sites.
  • Establishing a timeline to prep, run, research and reflect on the pilot program and what comes next.

We also welcome Mr. Jeremy Moultrup – Founder, Pangeam for this webinar to share more about human analytics at work.

Time: Wednesday, 26/05 | 8:00PM – 9:15PM

Get to know your guest speaker

Liz is a 2020 LinkedIn Top Voice, leader in workplace strategy & design research and former Vice President at WeWork. She has worked with both Fortune 100 companies and fast growing start- ups spanning tech, finance, media and creative sectors. Whether improving one meeting or a global product or guideline, her passion is challenging the status quo, bringing strategy to life and helping businesses thrive. She is an expert facilitator, communicator, and educator, frequently writing and speaking on design research and the future of work.

Company Information

Thinky Space is an insights and innovation practice, working at the intersection of design thinking, human centered design, service design and architecture. Clients often come from Workplace, Education and Cultural sectors, with the same problem space in common– how might we leverage design research and insight to create a more engaging, vibrant experience for our people, digitally, physically, culturally?  At the core, Thinky Space helps clients make space for thinking more creatively and collaboratively.

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