[Online] Regulatory Procedures to Protect and Facilitate a Business in Vietnam

by Mr. Stephen Le from Le & Tran and Ms. Trang Le from Corporate Counsels

Vietnam has been an attractive hub for foreign investors in recent years due to its young and skilled labor force, participation in numerous free trade agreements, and seamless integration in the global economy.  With a better controlled Covid-19 situation in the country, businesses have more room to develop and expand their presence in the Vietnamese market, especially through M&A transactions.

Before any M&A transaction, businesses have to go through a process called legal due diligence to identify material legal issues, non-compliance matters of the businesses. Based on these findings, the investors will make investment decisions (along with specific requirements towards the businesses for compliance with the laws) and determine value of the business. To welcome foreign investment in the near future, businesses must get ready from business and compliance perspectives. The event ‘Regulatory Procedures to Protect and Facilitate a Business in Vietnam’ will provide more insights and equip business founders and managers with legal vehicles to safeguard and expedite your businesses. 


The event will help you to understand the key regulatory mechanisms to get your business ready, which includes:

(i) Incorporation matters and Corporate Management

(ii) Ownership and Assets

(iii) Business Conditions and Regulatory Compliance 

(iv) Labour

(v) Litigation

Event Information

To fully understand the regulatory mechanisms to protect and facilitate your business in Vietnam, join us:

  • Date: Friday, 11/2/2022
  • Time: 9:30AM – 11:00AM
  • Suitable for: Business/Startup Owners, Top Executives, Dreamplex Community

This event is FREE 100% for Dreamplex members.

About the Organizer and Speakers

The event will be conducted in English by:

  • Mr. Stephen Le, Trial Lawyer and Managing Partner of Le & Tran
  • Ms. Trang Le, Head of Corporate at Corporate Counsels, M&A boutique branch powered by Le & Tran

About Corporate Counsels: Corporate Counsels originated as a specialized branch of Le & Tran, a prominent law firm in Vietnam. To meet the rising demand for corporate consultation amongst our clients, Le & Tran decided to dedicate an entire legal department to foreign investment, M&A, financial services, cybersecurity, and other corporate matters. With resources specifically allocated to supporting our clients’ corporate rights and conducts, Corporate Counsels is poised to continue Le & Tran’s celebrated legacy.

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