Grove HR and Dreamplex partner to deliver a better employee experience for start-ups and SMBs

by Dreamplex News 16 Sep 2021

HR technology has become a rising concern for business and HR leaders recently. Preparing for post-COVID workplace experience, many companies started to discuss hybrid work for their employees (work from anywhere). In addition, 70% of Gen Z – the new workforce also wants to combine remote and office work. This trend drives the roles of HR technology to improve employees’ collaboration, connection, and tracking wherever they are working. To support start-ups and SMBs in managing employee lifecycles, Grove HR and Dreamplex have created a partnership to deliver “A better day at work” through HR technology for thousands of employees.

3 key ways of the partnership

Provide and consult on an all-in-one HR platform for Dreamplex and its community

Grove HR has more than 15,000 customers from more than 10 countries. Its mission is to be the world’s most employee-centric and integrated HR platform worldwide. Grove HR has supported Dreamplex to centralize all internal HR tools into only 1 place. Moreover, Dreamplex’s clients with under 50 employees can experience Grove HR for free to digitize core HR processes. They can access exclusive deals for advanced plans to create an outstanding employee experience through the platform.

Co-create “Re-engaged employees post lockdown” Workshop

The workshop aims to deliver case studies of re-design employee engagement in the new way of work when people come back to the office after the lockdown. We will welcome prominent business leaders to talk about how they apply the hybrid model in their companies and the roles of HR technology in it. The workshop will happen this November.  

Co-create resources and activities to support companies in employee engagement

When Grove HR has the expertise in HR technology, Dreamplex is the pioneer in delivering a flexible workplace experience in Vietnam. With the shared mission and values, we can deliver a better flexible workplace experience for many start-ups and SMBs.

HR technology’ smart investment: Need to be both employee-centric and cost-effective

Besides the pandemic, the growth of technology also shows that HR representation can be a portal, not only a person. All HR processes now can be adapted into an auto-system or an interactive platform. Thus, it encourages companies to improve their internal systems with employee-centric processes at a reasonable cost.

Bao Nguyen, General Manager of Grove HR, says of the partnership: “We’re excited to have Dreamplex as a partner because we both see a lot of synergies on the respective value propositions that will benefit them, their clients, and us”.

Daan van Rossum, Chief Executive Officer at Dreamplex, added: ”Our mission is to support leading companies in Vietnam that care about their people to deliver their teams a Better Day at Work. When we started using Grove HR, it was soon clear that there are many benefits for companies to provide more and better care for their teams by automating many of the HR processes that companies often don’t have the budget and resources for. With our own experience being so positive, we are excited to now introduce Grove HR to our community, and partner with Grove HR on a range of other initiatives to create a Better Day at Work for teams of all sizes.”

Grace Nguyen, HR Specialist at Dreamplex shared: “Grove HR could be considered one of the most practical and cost-effective human resource management platforms for small and medium-sized businesses to streamline HR processes. The platform helps us automate our HR function, manage all employee information, time off, recruitment processes and it’s so much easier to keep it all organized in one central location. Also, it is user friendly and easy to pick up and learn for all users, whether admin or regular employee.”


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About Dreamplex

Dreamplex creates “A Better Day at Work” that perfectly meets the needs of fast-growing companies that understand that their young employees expect more from their workplace. Well-designed private, branded offices, 5-star hospitality-level care and an engaging program of social activities, training & development, and wellbeing initiatives help those companies attract, engage, and retain Millennial and Gen Z talent in Vietnam. Dreamplex has 5 locations across Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In 2021 and 2022, Dreamplex will be adding three new locations including The UnOffice projects in District 2 and The Campus in District 4.

About Grove HR

Grove HR – powered by KMS Technology is an all-in-one free HR platform that helps SMBs manage the entire workforce, run frictionless HR processes and build an amazing culture. Through its modern, efficient yet affordable platform, Grove HR is empowering 15,000+ SMBs to become talent-magnets and compete with larger competitors.

Available on both desktop and mobile, it provides a full employee lifecycle solution from recruitment, onboarding, to managing employee records, track time attendance, automate payroll and more.


For more information about Grove HR and its services, please reach out to: hello@grovehr.com

To learn more about how Dreamplex can help innovative companies of any size offer their teams a Workplace Experience of the future, please contact Daan van Rossum, Chief Executive Officer: daan@dreamplex.co or +84 901489369

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