[Online] Academic Course: Elevate Presentation And Communication Skills With Thai Van Linh (Delivered in Vietnamese)

By Thai Van Linh

Continuing the mission to improve work & life for thousands of employees in Vietnam, Dreamplex partners with Thai Van Linh to introduce a new academy course “Elevate your presentation and communication skills”.

Effective communication is one of 13 skill groups that are confirmed to be fundamental skills for employees in the future of work (McKinsey, June.2021). This group includes 4 skills:

  • Storytelling and public speaking
  • Ask right questions
  • Synthesizing messages
  • Active listening

Those skills will be discussed more in the course.

Joining the full 3 sessions, participants can learn the hard and soft skills necessary to create a presentation that effectively communicates their main points.

  • Session 1 (17/07): How to create clear and concise slides
  • Session 2 (August): Preparing the content
  • Session 3 (September): Preparing for the verbal presentation

Course Information

Trainer: Thai Van Linh, Founder & CEO of TVL Group

(Find more information about the partnership between Dreamplex & Thai Van Linh here)

Time: 10:00AM – 11:30PM

Target participants: office workers aged from 22-30

Platform: Zoom

Course fee:

In order to support participants, we decided to adjust the course fee as below:

  • One session: 250,000 VNĐ/ pax (Full price: 300,000 VND/pax)
  • Full course : 600,000 VNĐ/ pax (Full price: 750,000 VNĐ/ pax)

This course is FREE 100% for Dreamplex members.

If you are a Dreamplex member, register at: https://bit.ly/3dv3xCU

If you are not Dreamplex members, register at: https://ticketbox.vn/event/presentation-thaivanlinh-2-82503

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