Attorney at Law

Stephen Le

Position: Managing Partner, Le & Tran Trial Lawyers and Legal Advisor, Manufacturing & ESG Committees (Amcham Vietnam)

Expertise: Human resources (Labor Law), Corporate Finance, Business Start Up

Industries: All

Questions you can ask him:

  • What are the legal obstacles when starting a business?
  • What is the legal procedure to hire a foreign employee?
  • What should I make sure of when I am buying a home?

About Stephen Le:

Stephen is the senior trial lawyer and founder of Le & Tran. With over many years of extensive experience, Stephen has impressive litigation, arbitration, criminal defense experience, and a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how the Vietnam legal system, courts, and authorities work. His career philosophy is “Fighting for Justice.”

He was the Winner of “Disputes Star” awarded by AsiaLawProfiles in Hong Kong in 2017 and ranked as one of the top lawyers in Chambers and Partners’ employment practice for 2021. He is endorsed as a preeminent trial lawyer of Vietnam by over 50 global corporations and highly ranked in Chambers and Partners, Legal500, Benchmark Litigation, AsiaLaw Profiles for consecutive years.

Petronas (Malaysia) did endorse Stephen as the Best Trial Lawyer they have ever worked with in Vietnam up to now. Stephen is an outstanding speaker of legal seminars hosted by AmCham Vietnam and LeTran. He did host 10 legal seminars and published around 50 legal articles to the AmCham business community.

Stephen has advised and represented over 50 global corporations and over 100 individual clients in various legal matters and disputes. In the corporate services, he did establish and master the idea that “any well-trained lawyer can provide good legal advice, but the only all-rounded professional can provide sound business advice while complying all the legal requirements.”

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lehoangchuong/

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